Today I am grateful.
I’m guilty of complaining often, and often times to people I love because they love me enough to listen.
But today reminded me why I need to stop wasting my breath, time and the patience of others complaining about things that won’t matter to me tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.
Yeah that chip in my nail polish made me mad, it’s a gel manicure it’s not supposed to chip. And the panini I had for lunch was awful, who wants to pay for an awful lunch? And chegg ran out of the textbook I needed for this week so I had to go for the expensive book store price.
Bottom line, these things are old news now and not worth even the second of stress they may have caused.
This isn’t something I can’t fix overnight, but it is certainly something worth working toward.
Today was good and I’m finally looking forward to this whole semester and what it will bring.